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Letters of Recommendation

How to Request a LOR 

I am happy to write a recommendation for any student that has successfully completed a course with me (earning an A- or above) or a research program under my supervision. For any request, please reach out to me at least 3 weeks ahead of the deadline. Your email to me should follow these guidelines:
  1. An informative subject line.  Example: "Requesting Recommendation for History PhD Program, due Month/Day"
2.  In a brief paragraph or two, include the following information in the body of your email:
  • Specific details about the application. What is it? Why are you applying? 
  • The Deadline. By what date and time is the letter of recommendation due? 
  • Why do you want me to recommend you for this particular opportunity? Concisely explain why you think I will make a good recommender and let me know what areas of strength you think I can address (example: research & writing; critical thinking; project execution, etc). 
  •  Submission instructions. Let me know how my letter should be submitted. Will I receive an automated link from the application website? Will I need to send the letter via email? 
3. Reference materials. For example: cover letter, statement of purpose, research proposal, etc. Drafts are perfectly fine. At the minimum, I ask that you share an up-to-date resume or CV with your request.
I will strive to submit all letters at least 24 hours before the deadline. However, if you do not receive an update within the 24-hour window of a deadline, please don't hesitate to send me an email reminder. 

Here are some helpful resources on requesting letters of recommendation:

For First-Gen Students

As the first in my family to hold a high school diploma, I am committed to mentoring and advising first-gen students to thrive in their academic endeavors. Below are some quick-access resources for students at the University of Arizona.

Resources for UA Students


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